"I did not want to be an artist. I have always been one. The question of choice never stood for me: as far as I remember myself, I always drew. This was my way to express myself and reflect the world around me. I went to art school early. From childhood, drawing was my super power."
"Transformation" is the name of my latest series of paintings. The inspiration for them came from my previous expirations of shapes and colours.
For 2 years I've been studying the way time alters fruit and vegetables. Why did I choose them? Well fruit and vegetables are perfect for observing the cycle of transformation from growth to decay, from the moment the fruit has ripened to its full disappearance. I am fascinated by the way a fruit or vegetable will change daily depending on the conditions.
The next logical step was to re-assess my own body. I discovered that my body isn't going to be young and full of vitality forever in the image of the of the classical paintings. It's mortal and just as a fruit it is undergoing a transformation and will decay. My body is changing every day.
Society has conditioned us to think that the process of decay is shameful, inevitable and depressing. But is it though? Every change signals our inner growth and progress. We become older, wiser and more experienced. Isn't there beauty in the breasts of a woman who fed a child? Isn't there beauty in the fingers of an old woman who worked hard all her life. When I see my own wrinkles, they remind me of the creases in the skin of a fruit. I am fascinated by this world of aging and transformation. 

But it's not just my physical body, it is also a sort of canvas that shows my inner feelings and experiences. I am proud of it. I would really want for every person in the world and especially women to see this. Those women who are still feeling oppressed by the patriarchy. I want them to enjoy and appreciate every stage of their life. I want them to love their bodies with its natural changes and wish they could see it as a pinnacle of harmony, perfection, beauty and life.
We lose and find ourselves, we change but somehow stay the same person, we age but come alive. 
We are a process and not a frozen, still pretty picture.

IED ( Spain/Barcelona)- BA- 2008 
Vitebsk University of Technology, Belarus -BA- 2007
Art school №3  of Vitebsk, Belarus -2002

04/11/21-07/11/21 Art fair Frankfurt 2021
Finalist Art Takes 2021, New York City, USA 
21/04/2021-23/04/2021 digital event on the Gamerjibe platform.

15/06/2021-01/11/2021 - Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain
17/03/2021-31/03/2021 - Ki Smith Gallery, New York City, USA
12/02/20 - 01/06/2021 Gallery Galería Perrotta, Barcelona, Spain
11/12/2020-30/01/21 - Solo show "Transformations", HQ Barcelona, Spain
12/12/20 -07/04/2021  Gallery SONIA MONTI Paris, France 
2019 - "Sounds 2", "Sounds 3", Barcelona, Col·lectiva , Dipòsit del Rei Martí
2019- "Dream" Barcelona, Spain Dario Sigismondo Art Gallery 
2017- "Nameless", 4 pictures, London, OXO tower 
2017- "Nameless", 2 pictures, Moscow, Smolensk passage