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Alessandra B-B

BIO and Statement


Alessandra, born in Belarus in 1986, embarked on her creative journey by studying art and later delving into fashion design in Spain. Her experience as a designer made her keenly aware of society's pressures to conform to beauty standards, especially for women.


She decided to address this through art, exploring social taboos and the transformative power of time on the human body. Alessandra creates oil paintings and experiments with soft fabric hybrid objects. Her art has evolved from traditional to a blend of cubism and surrealism, focusing on the constant changes and sensuality of life.


Alessandra's works reflect the human experience, celebrating unconventional beauty and embracing change. She believes that life is a magnificent process of transformation and growth, not a static image.



Solo exhibitions:


2021 January - Solo show "Transformations", HQ, Barcelona, Spain



Group exhibitions:


2023 July - Limits. Gallery 59 Rivoli, Paris, France

2023 May - Art Circuit. La Plataforma Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

2022 June July - ‘Rays of light’, VAN DER PLAS Gallery, New York, USA

2022 March - ‘Our New World’, FORA Spitalfields, London, UK

2021 December - ‘Aires del norte’, Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 August September- Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 March - Ki Smith Gallery, New York City, USA

2021 February June- Gallery Perrotta, Barcelona, Spain

2021 December Abril- Gallery SONIA MONTI, Paris, France

2019 - "Sounds 2", "Sounds 3", Barcelona, Col·lectiva , Dipòsit del Rei Martí

2019 - "Dream" Barcelona, Spain Dario Sigismondo Art Gallery

2017 - "Nameless", 4 pictures, London, OXO tower




2023 May - Windows Art Circuit, Barcelona, Spain

2021 November - Art fair Frankfurt

2021 March - Finalist Art Takes 2021, New York, USA




Obsessed with art

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